Thursday, March 19, 2009

What do we do on a climbing trip?

We are avid car don't get me wrong...I love a tent. I love sleeping in a tent and waking up to the sun through nylon walls. But, our 4Runner rocks...and we have a sleeping deck with storage compartments underneath. So, if we are arriving late....we just park and go to sleep. So easy. On this trip, me and a buddy who are both over 6 feet tall, were perfectly comfortable with enough space for both of us.

Waking up is always fun....when you realize that you have a day of climbing ahead of you. I usually sleep pretty well, on this night, I woke up quite a few times. Oh well.

Climbing on dry basalt is always fun. The arrets are always quite aesthetic.

We end the day by doing a final rappel and begin to start to think about driving home. There is always mixed feelings about this. In one sense, the body is tired and you have had your fill of adventure. In another sense, the heart says...."I don't want it to be over!"

Then comes the walk back to the car. Can you see our 4Runner? Follow the road till your eye is level with the large rock feature on the right. Its in the middle of the bare spot. That's our ticket home.

The drive home is always filled with a variety of emotions: gratitude, love, peace, a tired mind, and a hungry stomach. So, as a tradition...we always try to end with:

It always makes our stomach hurt (I really don't think that stuff is actually meat)...and they usually mess up our order somehow...but we are committed customers none the less.

The End.

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The Whites said...

Great pictures and funny narrative! I loved it!

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