Monday, August 9, 2010

What we're up to now....

Well, we're still in San Simeon as a base camp...chilling. Rockclimbing, surfing, cycling, and traveling up and down the coast...exploring. We don't have internet access except for the coffee sorry for the erratic posts. We will try to check our email as much as we can.

In a few days....we think we will be heading to Tuolumne to camp and climb. Its an amazing place. Just look:

photo found here

We don't think we are going to go to Colorado or Hawaii. We are having way to much fun in the west!! We think we'll head to Tuolumee in a couple days after climbing, surfing, and cycling some more on the coast. In Tuolumee, we're planning to keep our "schedule" wide open: a bit of climbing, camping, and some fishing in Tuolumee's beautiful lakes....and whatever else we dream up.

This is the beauty of the open road....just going where your heart takes you!

These are good days....

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