Monday, January 3, 2011

Making plans and following through

This morning we woke up.  And I suppose that doesn't sound very interesting.  Normal, right?  But you see, this morning we woke up with an intention. Our intention was to head straight to the mountain and snowshoe a route we've done what seems like a hundred times.  The summit is not the highest summit we've ever done;  the distance isn't the farthest we've ever gone; The steepness of the terrain isn't the most challenging we've faced. was worth it.  Why?

It was worth it because we woke up with an intention and followed through.  It was worth it because we made the effort.  And it didn't matter that it wasn't the most challenging thing we've ever done.  What mattered is that we woke up with an intention and followed through. 

But there's also another point.  We woke up with an intention and followed through...but we didn't do it alone.  That intention was shared between us and the friends we were meeting on the mountain.  And so we met;  4 adults, 2 toddlers, 2 baby backpacks, food, water, snowshoes, conversation, laughter, sunny weather...all of us following through on an intention we shared.

So what's the point of all this? 

The point is this:  happiness is found when we have intentions and follow through on them with others. 

So here's my question for you this afternoon, blog readers:  what 's something you need to set out to do - and follow through on - that you can invite a friend into?  If you do this, there's happiness to be found.

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