Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heaven....does it matter?

Many of our students at Granville Chapel, high school and college age, have spent the year studying the book of Revelation.  They have done an in depth study, verse by verse, every week and have learned how to read apocalyptic genre and have faithfully kept the book's historical context in mind.  This has led to a very good year of inductive bible study.

Week after week, students have been able to draw the message of each week's text into their lives as followers of Jesus.  That's good.  Revelation is truly a book about discipleship.  

But last night we hit Revelation 21.   There are a few important things happening in Revelation 21, among them is a vision for what heaven is like.

Here is a question that students began to ask:  Why does it matter that we know what heaven is like?  Does knowing what heaven will be like, shape how we live today?

Here's a thought:

and just for a bit more food for thought if you're interested:


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