Sunday, February 13, 2011

How do you explain your faith, on the spot, to a stranger who's asking?

I was asked a question recently from a university student doing a research project on the christian faith.  Among many of the questions in her study....this one stood out:

"What is the essential message of your tradition for people today?"

Do you have an answer for this?  Think about it.  How would you describe the essential message of your Christian faith...when asked on the spot.

Here's what I said:

"God made and loves everything he created, and wants a relationship with his whole creation.  But humans have chosen to rebel against God.  This results in humanity hurting all that God has made, which from God's perspective, is disobedience and leads to death.  But God has given us a way to be in right relationship with Him and all that He has made by confessing our disobedience and accepting the free gift of grace made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus and expressed in our lives as we follow Jesus and do what He did"    

OK....your turn.  And remember...keep it on the shorter side, few people want to listen to your 10 page paper.

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