Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stuff Heidi likes....that you probably didn't know

Heidi and I were talking the other day (yes, we do that sometimes) and we were asking the question, "What are the things I know my spouse likes that others probably don't know about him/her?"

And a few days ago...Heidi answered the question for me.  Scroll down a few days to check that out if you missed it. 

But today...it's my turn.

Stuff Heidi likes that you probably didn't know:

-Heidi likes wearing skirts that make a fun swirl when she twists in them.  She really doesn't wear many skirts, which is why you probably didn't realize it....but if you ever want to see her smile...next time she's wearing a flowey quarter length skirt...ask her to twirl!

-Heidi likes exercise and is typically in better shape than me.  She can often climb harder, run faster, and keep her weight from fluctuating no more than 3 pounds over the course of the year.

-Heidi likes baking.  Did you know that...well, now you know...and if you ask her to make cookies...she's probably gonna do it, and eat some along the way.

-Heidi doesn't like the taste of coffee, beer, or wine.  And yes, I've introduced many kinds....even Pete's Coffee (my favorite) and barely beer drinks (like Smirnoff Ice) and the response is always the same, "I'd rather just drink a coke. I just like it better."

-Heidi likes chocolate and sometimes gets in a desperate "I want chocolate" mode.  And because we don't buy sweets (chocolate or candy)....I'll sometimes find her in the kitchen with her hands (yes plural) in the jar containing the chocolate chips used for baking.

Well blog readers...that's it for now.  I'm sure there's more....but one last question.  Do you have things that you like (or don't like) that your friends would be surprised to know?  We had some good discussion on FB last time...so feel free to share, either here or there!


Peter Passchier said...

Oowww, what a way to underline the dangers of Coke to one's sense of taste..!

About myself, you probably didn't know (neither did I a few months ago) that I like cold fragrant white tea. :-)

joseph.david.white@gmail.com said...

Nice Peter....that sounds so good!

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