Friday, August 17, 2012

Cycling memories (LOTS of photos)

I'm missing this.
Riding 150kms per day with my friends for a week.
It was a memory I will (can) never forget.


Watching Jay work so hard he almost threw up

Trying to catch up with Trevor

Every day was special.

This was our last day 

...and it ended with a celebration and a catered meal

I'm still celebrating and eating (I've gained about 10 pounds since 4 weeks ago)....yes, that will stop when I get back to Vancouver.  But seriously, 3 bags of candy = daily, plus beer....will really do a work on ya.  But hey, we're doing 4 weeks of bliss can't be that bad in the scheme of things. hehe

I really don't want to forget this week!

Here are some pictures to remind me:

These were good days...

and they'll continue to be

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