Monday, September 10, 2012

Whistler Gran Fondo Race Report

The 2012 RBC Whistler GranFondo was really fun!  
122km from Vancouver to Whistler
an elevation gain of 2267 meters (7437 feet)
and 4:19 minutes later...finished!

Since this was my first time doing this race, I didn't have any real expectation for a finish time other than that I could probably avoid being the last person to cross the finish line.

You might be surprised to know this....but I was actually out of shape for this race.  The longest ride I had done during the month leading up to this race was 60km (half the distance) on a mostly flat route.  The other training I did was on a bike trainer a few times a week for 30 minutes.

we call that:  unprepared.  

I was on track for a 4 hour finish but around 80km, I lost a few key pelotons (a larger group of riders, who are able to travel faster, together) because I didn't have the power in the last stages of the race to stay with them...and that cost me severely. I ended up cycling mostly solo for the last 30km. No biggie though.

my results are here:

All in all....glad I did it.  Had fun.  Heidi and the kids were HUGE support, cheering me on and after the day was done....Heidi even drove me home!

These are good days

p.s. If you found this blog with a google search and are looking for tips or race reports for your upcoming Whistler Gran are a few thoughts:

1.  Taylor Way - don't sweat it.  It's steep but not terribly steep...and you'll have fresh legs. 
2.  Britannia felt harder than Furry Creek
3.  Brandywine climb felt harder than both Britannia and Furry Creek
4.  For your training, don't miss your long ride workouts with an emphasis on big-ring lower cadence climbing specific workouts, especially after 90km.
5.  Know how to ride in a group.  There were a lot of inexperienced riders doing many dangerous careful!  
6.  For simulating the type of ride this Horseshoe Bay and include Cypress Mountain.  If you can do that are gonna rock the Whistler Gran Fondo.

Hope this helps!  

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