Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our kids LUUUV swimming

Every Monday the kids go swimming.
Well, truth is...they get wet but they're not quite swimming yet

They LOVE it though

Josiah digs the constant attention he gets for 1 hour straight.  We love this less (it's kinda stressful watching/holding him for 1 hour straight.  You can't take your eye/hand off, even for a second!)

and Elizabeth loves to play with the toys and float around

We are thinking about putting her into swimming lessons before the ski season starts and she starts taking lessons up on the local ski hill

After swimming is done....it's a short play time while we wait for one of us to finish up swimming laps in the 50 meter pool

On the walk home...this is usually what happens.  Swimming somehow does that to us all!

These are good days

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