Friday, January 25, 2013

Heidi turned thirty and wanted to....

Every husband thinks his wife is beautiful.  
It's supposed to be that way.
One of the things that draws us men into a relationship that initial attraction we feel towards "dat hot chik"

But have you ever heard Heidi and my story?
Cliff-notes version -- in one sentence:
We weren't attracted to one another on our first date.
We weren't repulsed, but she was no "Aphrodite" and I was no "Hercules"

What drew us into a relationship, originally, was really simple:
We LOVED spending time together
LOTS of time together
We NEVER (even to this day) get tired of being around each other

And for us, it was in the joy of spending time together that each of our preconceived versions of what "hot guy" and "beautiful girl" looked like....began to reshape

After 10 me, this is my beautiful. 

So what did Heidi want to do on her Birthday?

Go climbing! It was rainy indoors would have to suffice

and it WAS fun.

I even got in an abs workout.

Then we ate a 30 year old cupcake (wait...that sounds wrong).

Happy 30th Heidi! 

And a short video describing Heidi's 30th in her own words:

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