Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Can you believe it? During 3 days of travel, our kids did not even cry ONE TIME during this long road trip!  We were so impressed (it was a God thing, we think).

There were many moments where Heidi and I just sat quietly in the front seat -- after all…the car was strangely quiet.  It gave us time to read letters written to us for our journey.

These were letters filled with stories which made us belly laugh and cry.  They were all personal stories, written by people in our lives that love our family.  We were deeply moved.

One letter said, "You guys introduced me to Jesus, baptized me, and taught me how to follow Jesus.  I wouldn't be the man I am to day if it weren't for you."  

We are so humbled by words like that and hundreds others who've been in touch through letters, emails and Facebook -- encouraging us love Fresno, to seek its renewal and make life-long followers of Jesus by planting neighbourhood focused churches.

Our missionary journey has started well…because we know…we deeply know…that we are not alone.

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