Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I've found that when I grow more dependant on God...prayer gets easier.

But often, prayer doesn't feel "easy" or "natural" does it?  Behind the unease is often some measure of self-dependence.  Do we really need god to answer our prayers? ….probably not.  We'd figure it out.

Last year….was a challenging year for our family --  God unsettled in our sense of Call and then we watched Him undo every part of the life we loved…and depended on.  He had to teach us how to depend on Him…..our future Call would depend on that lesson.    

It's my discipline, once a month, to do a day of silence and solitude at a monastery.  Having now moved to California, I've wondered where I'll go.  My brother and I found nunnery close to Fresno and thought we'd check it out….(Dang. I now have that one Beyonce song, "all the single ladies….put your hands up..." in my head)

Song aside….. it was beautiful

there was a trail with prayer stations...

the sun was shining...

and my brother was there. 

There wasn't much silence or solitude this time…but there was prayer.
…..and it felt easy.

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