Monday, October 17, 2016

Rock Climbing & mindset

This morning's 6:00am departure came quickly.
I needed two necessary fuels: gas and coffee.
Off to the hills with my brother Jameson for a day of climbing.
Coffee.  Morning prayer.  Coffee.
...and a beautiful drive into our granite cathedral. 

Tollhouse Rock often gets overshadowed by Yosemite....but it is truly an amazing place.
only 45 minutes from downtown Fresno. 

I had one friend describe it this way,
"Tollhouse has always been such a special place. The rock is warm and the air smells of Manzanita and Bay Laurel. Peregrines dive from above, cattle moo in the distance, the entire San Joaquin Valley spreads out below. Farmland stretches for miles and beyond that the high and rugged peaks of the sierra call out begging the local Tollhouse climber to come and imbibe on the fountain of adventure that waits among her craggy ramparts."

With a 4x4, getting up to Hang Glider slab is a breeze.  But seeing wet granite and soaked earth...we knew that our day of climbing was going to turn into another kind of adventure.

Food & there a better combo on a cold sabbath morning?

Adventure doesn't require a requires a mindset.  The mindset is one filled with wonder, amazement, love for creation, and a willingness to see new things and allow yourself to feel the effect of those new things.  

adventure doesn't take much....
a good guy, a good fire, some good food in a great place under the care of a a greater God.

After a relaxed morning filled with conversation....a little hike over wet terrain is all we needed to warm-up and get the blood moving.

No climbing this time....but that's perfectly OK.  We had adventure.

These are good days.

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