Monday, January 23, 2017

No objective necessary

Heidi and I are planners.
We have a financial plan, a ministry plan, a daily plan, a yearly plan....and for the most part...we stick to it.  But every Monday...we put our very planned-life on the alter and ask God for something new.

The day started out with God crying on us.

....but as the day improved we knew that the moment the kids got out of school....the thing God had for us was an adventure.  Adventure is mostly a state of mind.  It has very little to do with a destination and isn't limited by difficulty or whether something can be achieved.  It's simply the mindset to explore, learn, and stay attentive to the things that matter.  

About 35 minutes from where we live is a 14 mile trail that follows Millerton Lake named the San Joaquin River Trail.  We didn't need to do 14 miles....we did just enough to find the adventure we were looking to receive from God.

We explored rocks, played in mud, got messy, hiked uphill for 1.5 miles, got rained on, threw sticks, and kept our kids from falling down steep slopes.

Near one of the summits along the trail...the rain stopped just enough for us to catch a glimpse of the sun.  There are always rewards along the way to an adventure.

....can you see us looking like the oak trees around us (below)? 

As planned people...we need days when there are no objectives and nothing to achieve -- days when all that is necessary is a mindset for adventure and matter what the outcome.  

These are good days
....good days we get to enjoy together.

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