Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Two types of days

There are two types of days -- the one for you and the one for those around you.  Don't confuse the two & you need both in your life.  It's a matter of focus....some days are meant as self-care and some are meant for caring for the people around you. 

The other day we went hiking (and glamour camping) with some friends at Bass Lake.  It was a really fun afternoon...a fun afternoon for everyone.  One of the keys to camping and hiking with kids is that you ensure it's fun for everyone.  Remember...there are two types of days...the ones for you and the ones for everyone around you.  Your kids need your outing to be for everyone...not just you!    

But then there are the other types of days.  Those are the days for you.  Don't feel guilty about them.  Self-care is a real thing...and it's a thing we all need. 

So for my birthday, it was a day at China Peak with some mountain mates.  It is the ski-hard-and-leave-it-all on the ski hill kinda self-care.    

Two types of days
Both important

These are good days

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