Monday, April 19, 2021

Birthday Season

Birthday season is intense. 
Heidi - December 5th
Joel - December 15th 
Elizabeth - December 26th
Josiah - January 1st
Joseph - January 6th
Noah - March 4th

...and that's just us. A half a dozen extended family members make birthday season last from November through April. 

We don't do big presents or spend big money on birthdays (nothing wrong with that). We save that for Easter. For birthday season we focus on experiences and creating memories. We also don't begrudge getting older, we celebrate it! 

The past year represents us having done the best we knew how to do....and like Maya Angelou wrote, "Now that you know better, you'll do better." We celebrate the hard lessons and make it a point to speak affirmations related to the coming year. Birthdays recount the story of who we are and who we are becoming! 

These are good days

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