Monday, April 19, 2021

Under the Sun

On occasion throughout the year the White boys get together for a saunter through the mountains. Thoreau said a saunterer is a "seeker of the Sainte Terre or Holy Land." We define saunter as "reverently walking through creation to look for God." 

Our conversations in the car and on the trail ebb between the themes of theology and identity, ministry and family, art and beauty, sacrament and stillness, and between liturgy and life lessons. 

During our saunter our Dad read two poems by R.S.C. which echoed my soul's prayer. 

Building His heaven, On common sod.

Oh the sheer joy of it,
Ever to be, 
Living in glory,
Living with Thee,
Lord of tomorrow, 
Lover of me! 

Mountain Te Deum

I thank Thee just for life,
The chance to live,
To be alive! So great They gift,
If Thou dost nothing give
Beside, it is enough,
To breathe Thy air,
To walk this mountain sod,
To feel the play of mighty winds,
To look Thee in the face,
And call Thee God! 

Reverently walking through creation to look for God always leads to Him. 

These are good days

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