Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Family 5k

Recently we did a family 5k just for the fun of it.  But we got SURPRISED.  Our 5 year old, Josiah, ran a 10ish minute mile for 5km without stopping.  How is that possible ?????

Sometimes in the evening after dinner and before bed, Josiah will ask if he can go on a run with either Heidi or I.  A couple times a week we take him running in the dark through downtown Fresno.  Recently we went 6 miles with him and he only stopped a couple times.  Amazing!  

Elizabeth on the other hand says she doesn't like running.  Though, we're not sure if that's true...because in the mountains she LOVES to trail run and hike uphill.  Running on the road she says is, "boring."

Do Noah and Joel like running, you ask?  They are totally useless and are more interested in beating each other with twigs then running.  ...although, just last night Noah asked if he could go for a run with me.  Maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Variety in the High Sierras

The key to having a great time in any setting is adding variety to the experience.  When you're at Disneyland....don't just ride the and see a live show.  When you're at a party...don't just talk to the same person all night....find the loneliest person and strike up a conversation.  Variety.  It makes any experience better. 

The same is true in the mountains.  The best experiences in the mountains are the ones that have lots of variety.  On one occasion with my friend Jay, we backed off a climb because we got scared.  There's never shame in that....backing off adds variety to an experience!    

We found another climb that made more sense for us on the day -- a beautiful slab with a beautiful view of a lake from the summit. Variety. 

Back at camp....more variety:  Food & Fire & Friends.  My three essential "F's".  

There's actually another "F" that is deeply important to me.
Alpine sunsets always bring me to faith.

Variety:  Food, Fire, Family, Faith.

....oh wait...there's another "F" I forgot!  Fun! Swimming in a cold alpine lake is fun!!

We also found a climb that we knew our kids would have loads of fun on.  It was easy and wonderful!  They loved every second! 

...they also loved hiking around on a beautiful granite slab.  Fun! 

....oh wait.  More variety.  We forgot another essential "F".  Family. 

Food Fire Friends Faith Fun Family


These are good days

Monday, December 4, 2017

Framily is Forever

Some dear friends of ours from Canada recently visited us on their amazing west-coast road trip.  We have loved our "framily" (when friends are your family) for a third of our lives and had countless adventures on mountains in wild places and in in our pjs in the living room with a bottle of wine.  

Friendship is an important part of what it means to be human.  Jesus himself called his followers "his friends" (John 15:15).  Maybe he knew we needed this analogy to show us how deeply he wants us in his life.    

Who is your "framily"?  Young people often feel the pressure of having a lot of friends.  Social media teaches that more is always better.  We've found that isn't always true. 

Jesus had his multitudes, his 70, his 12, and then his 3.

We've enjoyed many framily moments over the years.  We've come to discover that the goal in life is not to be popular but to have good friends.  Framily.  Pursue framily.  

Jesus said in Luke 8:21 that his friends were his family.  Jesus had a framily...and so do we. 

Framily is forever.

These are good days.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why we go outside...regularly

It's important to go outside.
Maybe it's speaks to our genetic need to survive.
Maybe it's speaks to our need to worship.
Maybe it's speaks to our need to feel more emotionally/physically healthy.

We know that when we take our kids outside....we learn lessons we have difficulty learning elsewhere.  What can teach us more about biology than by being in creation? What can teach us more about worship then in places which declare the glory of God?  What can teach us about our own physiology, than by moving through outdoor environments?   

...and then there's just the simple thing....that it's FUN to be outside!  
We like to have fun.

On a recent trip to into the Sierra Nevadas...we tapped into our biological, theological, physiological need to be outside.

We sat on rocks


Rock climbed

Scrambled up summits.

and selfied ourselves

It's important to go outside.
You NEED it. go do it!

These are good days.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our Little Secret

13 years ago we told ourselves...
Do it.  Finish it.
What's, "it"?

We won't tell you. Yet.

Maybe it was time to answer the question we've been asked all around the world....
So, "DO IT" we told ourselves:
Do it.  Finish it.

Is all this to vague for you, our reader? 

For over a year we worked hard...
super hard...

We got inspiration where we needed it from dozens of experts across the globe.
....and even visited some mentors.

....and maybe it's finished. 
Maybe we did it.  

So stay tuned.

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