Sunday, September 16, 2018

Rockclimbing & Camping at Smith Rock

Some time ago we took the kids to a place we seem to return to every couple years: Smith Rock. Smith Rock is the perfect blend of climbing and camping....with lots of adventures for all ages. Typically after work we will drive 10 hours and arrive late to a cheap motel, carefully transferring sleeping kids into a single hotel room with multiple kids per bed. After a nights rest we will wake up and find our camp spot and for the next few days chase adventure wherever it can be found. 

Remember, adventure is a state of mind. It doesn't need to be a big objective or something hardcore to build a tolerance for uncertainty that pursuing adventure can teach. 

...when we camp....we always try and eat healthy. Feeling good is as important as the adventure itself. 

....smith rock is the only place cheap beer is acceptable. These are Joe's "favorite" cheap beers.

Can you se Elizabeth high on the rock in the shadow? 

We sleep in a big tent but all four kids sleep in a small tent...they like to cuddle and keep each other warm.

Camping includes a lot of reading and sitting around...we need that in our busy and stressful life.

Adventure is our state of mind!
These are good days.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Camping at Castle Crags State Park

Kids should not be a barrier to sleeping in tents and finding adventure in wild places. In fact, we've found that our experience of wild places has been EXPANDED when we take our kids along. They add a sense of adventure to the place we are experiencing! 

But people tell us they don't go camping or visit wild places because....
....our kids don't sleep well! parents don't sleep well!
....the kids get way to dirty!
....we don't want to deal with the ticks and wildlife!

There are definitely MANY reasons to stay away from wild places, some very legitimate. But in our experience there are MANY MORE reasons to explore these places with kids. 

...and when our kids don't sleep well, we take a rest day by a lake.
...and when we don't sleep well, we treat ourselves to camp fraps filled with caffeine & chocolate. 
...and when the kids get dirty, we take pleasure in washing (torturing) them with river water.
....and when we have to deal with wildlife, we treat it as an opportunity to teach about God's creation.

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