Sunday, April 7, 2019

From Neighborhood to Mountains

Our day started the Jackson Neighborhood as participants in a Serve Day. This was a gathering of neighbors and volunteers to clean alleys and renovate dilapidated lamp poles along Platt Avenue.

We are so thankful our kids enjoy being a part of the good work happening in our neighborhood. Uncle Jameson said at one point, "I was working with your kids...and they are amazing! They work really hard, take instruction, and don't stop until the job is done."  We've seen the same thing -- we are proud of the people they're becoming.

After our Serve Day under a blue sky and cool was time to head to the hills. The season is changing from winter to Spring (which in the valley basically means early summer). But the hills are still green and the wildflowers are in full bloom 

We enjoy going to Tollhouse Rock just outside of Fresno. In an hour or so...we are in multi-pitch granite heaven. On this particular trip, we took our housemate climbing for her first multi-pitch experience! She did amazing! 

It takes about 20 minutes from where we park on Hang Glider Slab to hike down to the base of the climb.

The first pitch of Tollhouse Traverse starts a couple hundred feet off the ground and follows a large left-leaning groove/crack system to the top of Cap Rocks. It's easy and very aesthetic. 

The foothills in the southern Sierras are beautiful this time of year. It feels like a privilege to spend time in these hills. 

Every good day in the mountains needs a summit shot! 

The day started with us serving Jesus in our neighborhood, and the day ended with Him serving us in His creation.

These are good days! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Friendship in San Francisco

Recently some friends of ours from Canada made their way to spend time in San Francisco. They got in touch and said, "we want to see you!" 

A 7 hour round-trip was NOT going to stop us from seeing them! There are 204 countries in the world and 7 seas....and God happened to send us to a place where our friends from Canada could visit easily and regularly! God is good! 

We took the kids out of school and headed to San Francisco. The forecast was overcast and rainy....but there are no such things as bad days...just bad attitudes. Everyone was filled with joy to spend time together under rainy skies after couple years of being apart. 

Our friends are former students of ours when we were youth pastors. They are amazing people who are walking with Jesus and filled with passion for mission. 

We spent the day flying kites, walking in the rain, visiting sites, and drinking coffee.

The day ended with clam chowder bowls at Pier 39. Classic. 

Heaven is forever
...and so are friends.
These are good days.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Our Need for Contrast

It's becoming spring here in California! You can always tell when the season is changing because 1) It sun starts getting HOT and 2) the blossoms on the trees begin to pop! 

It's a really awesome time of year because there is still snow in the mountains and down in the valley it can be nice t-shirt and shorts weather.

We decided to head to the hills for some snowshoeing. The day started in shorts and ended snow pants. The drive up was beautiful....the Sierra foothills are beautiful this time of year. 

Heidi and I have been taking people to the mountains for nearly 16 years. It started when we were dating...and it has continued for our entire marriage. Taking friends to the mountains so they can experience beautiful places and beautiful ideas as we chat along the trails is a source of joy for us! 

See the contrast between the first picture and this picture of Joel? This is only 1 hour away from our home! 

We need contrast in our lives: city life with mountains and beaches mixed in; Hanging out with kids and date nights without kids; hosting parties and having solitude. Contrast is good. Someone once said, "It is in the contrast of light and dark that design happens." We need contrast....our lives take a fuller shape and they are more enjoyable. Contrast is what makes photography interesting....and the same is true for our lives. 

On the way home, the littles passed out in the back -- snowshoeing is hard work....but they'll be in short and t-shirts asking to go swimming soon enough. 

These are good days.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Family Fun

In a culture filled with things to lament there is a growing weariness ...but there's nothing that fills us with hope more than spending time with our family.

Our parents are in ministry
My brother and wife are in ministry 
We are in ministry 
...and our kids are amazing. 

Recently we went to the snow for a day of sledding and conversation 
shared lives, shared passions & great kids....a great combo! 

These are good days.


Taking friends to the mountains

We often take people with us to the mountains. It's an important habit in our lives.
The Three F's are to be held with high esteem

Family, Friendship, Fire

....Fire, you say? "Campfire". We mean campfires -- siting around a fire at night with your friends and family might just be a human requirement (like food, water, and shelter)

This trip to Kings Canyon National Park didn't include any fire...but it did have family and friends. 2 for 3 isn't bad!

The Sierra's are filled with snow right's been an incredible year! We took our friends Anika and Niki...2 former students of ours, now all grown up and learning into their passions. They both are walking with Jesus and have become great women.

We spent our time walking on trails and looking up at the giant Sequoia trees. 

Sequoias grow up to nearly 300 feet and live up to 3000 years. These amazing trees are the tallest, widest and longest-lived of all organisms on Earth.

Taking friends to the mountains is like touching a great sequoia. Sequoias are unique, precious, beautiful, and extremely valuable. That's how we see our friends.

These are good days.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Lessons on Hearst State Beach

Recently we took our friends to Hearst State Beach for a short hike in the early morning. It was a beautiful morning - overcast, cool, and quiet. 

The hike starts on the beach and heads onto a ridge that overlooks the bay and pier.

There is something important about seeing water in a constant state of motion interact with things which are set in place - rocks and beach.

In our life, we are often in a constant state of motion -- difficult work, raising 4 kids, cultivating a healthy marriage, investing in our friends, etc. What's important for us is that those things constantly interact with the rocks in our life -- listening daily to the voice of Jesus and loving our neighbors. The dance between the fluid and immovable is what makes our life fulfilling. The immovable gives things in motion purpose and direction.

The hike ends at a beautiful secluded beach overlooking the pacific ocean. Today's waters were choppy and wonderful!

Once we were back on the beach where we started, we spent time watching an Elephant Seal who was getting some warmth under a rising sun. 

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