Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The Hagia Sofia Mosaic

Mosaic at the Hagia Sofia by Libby and Danny Santella.
Mosaic at the Hagia Sofia on Flickr - by Libby and Danny Santella

Here is a thoughtful reflection by Randy White (my dad) on his blog regarding this mosaic.

"Emperor Constantine stands to the right of the Madonna and Child
and offers to them what is most precious to him -- the city which he
has created. On the left, Emperor Justinian stands and offers what
is most precious to him -- the amazing church he constructed. The
fact that both men were not the most admirable followers of Christ
should not diminish an important lesson here. We should live our
lives in such awe of God that we should direct the focus of our lives
toward accomplishing something beautiful for the Kingdom, something
worthy of the Eternal, and dedicate it to the author of beauty himself."

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