Monday, December 29, 2008

A note from the big "W"

We got a note today from our good buddy...whom we have never met nor have we heard in person...BUT....he is smart, sassy, and a super good writer.

His name is Jim Wallis. He is our buddy...and although we do not agree with everything he says, we listen to him and try to be held accountable to his thinking

He is a prolific writer and chef editor for Soujourners Magazine

Here is an excerpt from a very personal email, he wrote, very personally, to us:  (jk)

Dear friend,

Desmond Tutu said it best: "As Christians, we are prisoners of hope."

Right now you and I stand poised between the coming of Christ at Advent and the renewal of a new year, a new administration, a new era.

What do you hope for?

  • Peace on earth?
  • Spiritual renewal?
  • A responsive new government?
  • Unity in the church?
  • The end of extreme global poverty?

In fact, the signs that breakthrough is likely are clear after November's election.

A post-election poll we co-sponsored revealed that a clear majority of evangelicals and Catholics believe a broad political agenda best represents their values. This poll echoes what we hear from Christians across the nation - that we are exhausted by the limitations of having only one or two issues dominate the focus of our politics.

Sojourners clearly informed and mobilized the religious shift that you saw in the last election. Our strategy included distributing a Vote All Your Values election guide in both 2006 and 2008.

Thank you for your role in our success!

To achieve the other hopes, Sojourners has called the church in the U.S. to repent from the Iraq war, has given you a voice in passing legislation and defending workers' rights, and has led a much-needed conversation to resolve the political divide on the abortion issue.

Through our Mobilization to End Poverty, Christians of all stripes and political leaders have signed on to the goal of cutting domestic poverty by half in the next 10 years and achieving the Millennium Development Goals for global poverty reduction.

Our Justice Revival in Columbus, Ohio, unified churches to fight unjust practices and bring an end to the poverty experienced by many there.

Seeding massive cultural shifts begins with Sojourners magazine, SojoMail, the God's Politics Blog, speaking events, and extensive media coverage. The changes build with each Justice Revival and national event like our 2009 Mobilization to End Poverty. Finally, the changes are realized when the church unites, when the corporations pay workers fairly, or when political leaders make plans and policies informed by moral reasoning.

Sojourners plans to remain at the forefront of the broad moral agenda. We have always been propelled by your support and energy.

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