Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dr. John Stackhouse

Here is the latest blog from professor John Stackhouse, Professor at Regent College. I've given you a snippet and encourage you to read the rest on his blog. Enjoy!

Give God What He Wants
January 4, 2009

“Did you have a good Christmas?” Kids know how to interpret that question. It means, “How was your haul? Did you get everything you wanted from Santa?”

I wonder if God had a good Christmas. I wonder if he got what he wanted.

If not, maybe he waited for New Year’s Eve to hear what resolutions we would make for 2009 and see if those held any promise for him.

So, a few days after New Year’s, do you think God got what he wanted—from you, from me?

Hello. My name is John and I am a careeroholic.

(Those of you who suffer similarly are now supposed to say, “Hi, John!” from the circle of shared affliction and failure.)

I have had reason recently to update and send out a c.v. I love doing that. Look at those lines of type, each signifying something I did. Accomplishments. Triumphs. Awards. VICTORI—


But if I am honest, I do tend to measure out my life, not in coffee spoons, but in résumé entries.
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