Saturday, February 7, 2009

Off to Red Rocks - Climbing Trip

Well folks,

Heidi and I are hitting the road.

We have been looking forward to this day. Here are some pictures of where we are going (these photos are from previous trips to Red Rocks)....

(Approaching Red Rocks, 2007)

(on Varnishing Point, 2008)

(on Frogland, 2008)

(on Solar Slab, 2008)

For the 1-2 of you who actually follow this blog, you will be aware that Heidi and I are not in tip-top shape. In fact, we are far from it.

I am trying to get over bronchitis and Heidi's MCL sprain is still healing.

and...guess what the weather forecast is projecting??????? Any guesses????????

It looks something like this:
From the work of Martin Mcewen

So, most likely, we will not be climbing.

BUT. All hope is not lost!

We will try to keep our attitudes in check, allowing us to salvage this trip and not let this vacation go to waste. It will be a good chance to reconnect with God and each other in a beautiful place.

My brother and his friend Tyler are going to meet us there, so it should be really cool all hanging out together.

We will be back next Thursday, and will post pictures upon our return. Because we have absolutely NO DESIRE to use Twitter (i.e. those who tweet are freekin' crazy), this blog will go silent until Thursday.

You can always look through a photo gallery by clicking pictures on the photo reel on the right hand side of the page, or, you can click the Picasa logo to visit our entire gallery. There you will find our particular journey through sacred spaces...enjoy


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