Friday, February 13, 2009

A Story - A Short Form

Interested in our recent climbing trip...?

Wondering what we did...?

OK. Fine. Sit down, and follow our journey...

On February 8th we flew from Vancouver to Seattle and then into Las Vegas.

We met up with Jameson and his buddy Tyler (who is now our buddy...yay!) at the airport. We drove out to the 13-mile campground about 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas.

It was freezing, windy, and quite unpleasant. And, to top it off....we woke up to this:

Freek snow storm! Climbing trip = ruined.

...or so we thought. You see, with sandstone, you need to let it completely dry before you climb on it. It needs at least 24 hours and sometimes 48 hours to dry out. Otherwise you are going to damage the rock, break holds, and your protection has a better chance of not pulling out of the rock.

But...thankfully, later in the morning, the sun came out and the wind started howling, and it began to look like this:

So, we toured around a little bit, knowing that if no precipitation fell in the next 24 hours, we could possibly climb on Tuesday. So, like everybody should do when you are waiting around...we grabbed a latte in Vegas.

After lunch, we thought, "hey, its really really nice outside! We can't climb on sandstone, but lets find some dry limestone to climb." So, we did exactly that:

It was a great way to finish a climbing day that could have potentially been lost.

Tuesday was awesome. We woke up to this:

and this...

so we did lots of this...

Wednesday was just as good. What did we do? Find Rock!!

and climb!!

But ya the end of the's not about climbing. It's not even about beautiful places. Don't get us wrong...we love these things...but its ultimately about:

Being together



and Love

Great times....
Great people.


Jay and Milissa Ewing said...

Looks like fun you guys and I am glad you made it back safely. said...

Thanks Jay and Milissa!

We cant wait to hang with you guys asap!!


Matt and Sara said...

looks like you had a lot of fun! we'll hafta join you one of these times... i almost took matt to a rock climbing gym for valentines day... but didn't :-( next time. love you! said...

Hey Matt and Sara!

Our Valentines day is so much less glamorous than yours, I'm sure.

1 word: homework.

2 words: homework suckuth.


Tina said...

So great to see the pics from your trip! We're glad you didn't freeze -- well maybe you did, but at least there was some sun. I love your conclusion. With that value, no experience is a bust.

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