Monday, May 25, 2009

It's been too long...

We are sorry.

We need to apologize.

We offer a heartfelt "we are blogger loosers" to all our avid readers.

To the one person who visits this blog...hi oma...we are sorry.

Now onto what's been going on.

Instead of just updating you on the last 3 weeks, lets just get onto today.

Its Monday. And Monday is a SPECIAL DAY.

Monday is our Sabbath day.

Sabbath is a day of rest. Its a day for us to cease from work and do things which our outside of the normal weekly routine. For us...this means being outside.

As you may well know, Heidi has been feeling really sick. But she figured she could feel sick inside or go do something. So we went on a 15km bike ride. Here are a couple of pics:

Plan for tonight....



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