Monday, June 8, 2009

Squamish Monday

It's our Sabbath today!

Today we went to Squamish for a little R&R

After arriving around mid day, our first objective was a multi-pitch route called "Jungle Warfare" on the Squaw. We never ended up finding it. We ended up hiking...rather, bushwhacking, for 1 hour trying to find the start. errr. frustrating. Oh well.

So, after eating a quick lunch...we went to Murrin to do a couple of old classics we had never done before. First, we tried "World's Toughest Milkman"

Jugs galore...and all over hanging...a trad master's delight.

We then went and did "The Reacharound"

The description of the climb simply says..."don't worry about and finding will find you". Alrighty then. Let's do it.

It was really good. Pumpy. Cruxy. Varied climbing with tips, fingers, hands, and off-width. Very cool climb. Here is another parties photos of the "next" to scroll through the photos.

After that, we were hungry so we went to dinner at the forever nasty T-Bell, and we loved it.

Then, as the Squamish sun was setting, we spent some time, in front of the Chief watching the golden sun illuminate some of our favorite climbs.

Heidi was dreaming of doing the Grand Wall Route...

All in all, not a huge amount of climbing today, but good climbing with a great partner.

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