Thursday, July 28, 2011

A China Memory

In a few hours, we will be taking a direct flight to China, and traveling to a village outside of a major capital city in the hopes of serving alongside people who are working hard to love orphans in Jesus' name.

So this blog will be silent for a few weeks.  Sorry!  But you can follow our journey at!

We visited this organization a couple years ago...and here is a memory from that trip:

We had the opportunity to visit a family in the local village.

This village consists of thousands of people that in a year of work, earn the same amount I had in my pocket that day I visited their village.

They family we visited is being supported (adopted) by the organization I was with. This organization is helping to buy food (among other things) a couple times a month in hope that it will help feed their son who is trying to be the first one in his family to go to high school and eventually, college.

The parents have a variety of severe medical problems, so much of the money they earn in a month goes to medical costs.

meet Mrs. T

She showed us tremendous hospitality and love. Her entire life is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to support her son. The entire family and extended family is working for his success. When he succeeds, they succeed.

Her home is very simple and livable. Livable because the organization I was with helped do some important remodeling so that the floor doesn't flood with water when it rains.

Our team was privileged to meet Mrs. T
Do you see the picture on the wall in the background?
Can you read it?
Take a closer says this (click on it to see a larger version):

Those are powerful words given the context of our visit.  Lord, may it be as you say.

As we left, thoughts of my own materialism, relative wealth, and my North American attitude about success raced through my mind.

Lord, help me remember, Mrs. T. 

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