Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday is for Chilaxin'...

Yes...I said it...Chilaxin...and that is precisely what we did.

After doing some work this morning till about 11, our friend Nathan picked us up and drove us to one of his favorite crags near Squamish. Its called, "Chuck Chuck".

This place is SUPER rad for sport climbing. Quiet, lots of forest, a river...and best of all, GREAT sportclimbing.

We did a handful of climbs today, mostly 1od - 11b or something...we mostly hangdogged (sitting in our harnesses to's been a while since we've sport climbed (4 months maybe?) on our way up stuff. Nathan was the pro...sending everything.

We major suckothed today....but got super siked to start getting in shape sport climbing shape (pronto for joe, and later for heidi, after the baby is born). We will definatly return to Chuck Chuck for some unfinished business.

We LOVE climbing. Why? The friendship we experince (thanks Nate, you were great to climb with), the workout, the adventure, the teamwork...all so good.

Heidi is still doing excellent with the pregnancy. We are feeling the baby move, more and more each day. This is SO cool to experience. She gets tired more easily and needs to take many many bathroom breaks...but overall, she is taking eveything in stride. She is 19 weeks now. We are quickly approching the half way mark!

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