Monday, September 21, 2009


I got in the 4runner today...and thought:

"Wow...I really like this truck. Actually...I think I love this truck"

Does that sound cheesy to you? It does to me...but I don't care....there is a special bond a dude (and I suppose a dudess) has with a 4runner.

Why? because of the memories it represents --

Meet our 1990 4runner 4x4 with a 22re engine on 31's and a few mods. It's mostly stock (for now) with some off-road enhancements in the works over the next million years it will take to save enough cash.

It's taken us on many a road trip...street, off trail, logging roads

in all 4 seasons

we sleep in it...on a regular basis

and it carries massive amounts of gear

Our 4runner is super reliable, fun to drive, tough as nails, and gets A LOT of use (the kind its meant for...i.e. not going on grocery runs).

OK. It's true...I confess...I love fossil fuels and 4x4...but I also like cycling. I don't have the same love affection for my bikes as do some (some people are BIKE CRAZY....i.e. usually the tree hugging, granola munching, Pacific North West types)...But...because I am a follower of Jesus, I do care about caring for the environment and general biking to work is something I do regularly.

Meet my commuter work horse given to me by a buddy: old school steel frame, panniers and lights gets me to work rain or shine in about the same amount of time it takes me to drive (15-20 minutes). Its all I gotta work for it...but its fun.

But...I also cycle for fitness. Cycling gets me in awesome shape for the mountains. For this...I use a Trek 5000. Carbon frame, Shimano 105's a really fun bike to use...Went on a ride this afternoon and the weather was PERFECT.

OK. Enough reflecting on's outa' my system now.

So, off we are to take a walk to Swiss Chalet...for some soup (Heidi's a sicky) and some good conversation...then off to the gym for some climbing (me..not Heidi).



Joy Joy said...

Joe and Heidi-
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm so excited to now have YOUR blog to read! You two look like an awesome couple! Nice work with all the activity in your pregnancy, Heidi. I know it's not always easy, but it really is worth it. I look forward to keeping up on your happenings.

Joy said...

Thanks for the good word Joy!

Thanks for droppin by :)

We have certainly been inspired by your family...(i.e. we love it that you are still so active and also taking parenting seriously).


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