Friday, October 23, 2009

A declaration and prayer

Wrote this in my journal the other day:

I am not proud of the man I am. I certainly succeed, have friends, inspire others, have a healthy marriage. But behind it all is an undisciplined man. This record is my humble attempt to become God's disciplined man. I pray that these small steps toward discipline and diligence, would usher in a healthy man: body, mind, soul, spirit.

Wrote this....a bit down the page...after identifying areas in my life where I have become undisciplined.

Father. I don't want to "self help" my way to health. I want to be Spirit led. Deeper in Lord, but deeper up also. Jesus, may my body, mind, soul, and spirit experience your vision for the man you desire me to become. Amen

Never give up. Never.

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