Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wanna go back

It's the last 7 days...and it's NOT GOING TO STOP ANYTIME SOON!

I want to go back here:

San Simeon, California

That's Heidi and I, standing in one of our favorite spots on the entire earth...its about a 7 minute walk from one of our favorite condos on the entire earth.

It's a place where we got engaged...had a honeymoon...and return to, whenever we can.

...oh how i miss seeing a sunset....or the sun, for that matter.


Liesel said...

OK, your profiles in that picture are so cute. Big Joe. Little Heidi. Love it. Thanks again for the PANormous date! :) said...

Thanks Liesel! It was a group effort...shot by our sister in law and composed by Heidi and I.

And yes...thanks for the evening at your was fun!

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