Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Backcountry Skiing

It's my bday!

So, to celebrate...I woke up early...and went with Steve V. backcountry skiing at Mount Seymour. It's always good spending time in the mountains with a friend...especially on your birthday!

and fun it was...BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Being part of an adventure literally sends me into "very happy man" state....this is good...

seeing wild places helps me dream bigger dreams

skinning up was easy in places...and difficult in others...I took my skis off a few times...cause I suck at skinning...oh well...conditions were icy (my excuse)

but the work was worth it...

this was a good day with my friend...the one and ONLY Mr. V!

After a short little jont in the mountains...I got back...and spent some time with our good friends Jay and Milissa and then enjoyed a nice afternoon with my daughter, ate an awesome meal made my my mother-in-law, and then topped off the night with a cake made by Heidi which looked like a rock face and had licorice running down the sides like cool...YOU ROCK HEIDI!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook. I feel loved!

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