Sunday, April 11, 2010

Elizabeth Update & Rockclimbing

Been crazy lately. Oh well.

Here's a little update on Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is now 3.5 months old. She coo's and caa's regularly, smiles a ton, consistently sleeps 11 hours a night but doesn't know how to calm herself to we pat and shush her to sleep most naps and nights. Hopefully one day, she'll be able to sooth herself to sleep.

Here's an update on a recent rock climbing trip:

Still climbing and having fun. Spent the day with some friends yesterday in Squamish.

...and yes, that's Elizabeth sleeping at the base of the crag
...and yes, that's Heidi wearing Joe's beanie
...and yes, that's Joe wearing Heidi's beanie
...and yes, that jacket does make Joe's chest look too big

Good times...


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