Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half Marathon

It was 4 years ago now, that Heidi and I did the Vancouver Marathon...all 26 miles (42km) of it. I remember the day pretty well: we didn't take a watch so we could just run for fun....we talked....watched people...and arrived at the finish line in good spirits.

This was a bit different. I stayed home with Elizabeth so Heidi could run, stroller free. Elizabeth and I hung out, watched runners, played with toys in our mouths, and waited for Heidi to finish. It took 2 hours.

Heidi wished she would have trained for this race....but I'd say running 13 miles (22km) off the couch, 6 months after pregnancy in 2 hours isn't bad. Great job Heidi!

Here are a few pics to celebrate the day!

5 km more!

yay! you're not the last person!

Congrats Heidi!



Sarah said...

Hip, hip, hooray!

Kathy J said...

Well done, you amazing woman you!

Heidi said...

Thanks Sarah & Kathy! :)

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