Thursday, July 29, 2010

Go where the wind blows....

Every year....we take a long trip. What we do is different each time....but there is one constant: We go where the wind blows...metaphorically speaking, that is.

No destination...we get in the car, and ask: where do you want to go. One year was: rockclimbing all over the U.S. Another time was Guatemala. You get the point.

This year...we don't know. California, for sure. Colorado, maybe. Hawaii, possibly.

All we know is..whereever we go, the point is to be together using these things:

So with the car loaded...SUPER PACKED to the maximum..we are amped and ready for the open find adventure, to rest, to rediscover old friendships, to make new friends, to see new places, and to have another opportunity to invite our new baby Elizabeth into our lives.

We'll keep you much as we to where the wind is blowing us week to week.

love you all!


Kathy J said...

If you end up in Northern Colorado and want to swing through Fort Collins, we have a shower and home cooked food - and air mattresses and a pack n play for Elizabeth if you want a break from tent-living!

Rachel said...

I second Kathy's offer- if you're around LA and need a place to stay/shower/eat, our place may not the biggest but Ariya and I would love to have you! said...

Kathy and Rachel. THANKS! We may take you up on that offer....we'll get a hold of you if we do :)

Love you guys

j & h

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