Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Surfing - Morro Bay

Went surfing for the day. Surfed for 7 hours. WONDERFUL. Such a good day. Here are some pics to tell the story:

Yes, that's our daughter..dirty again. She likes to eat dirt...and doesn't seem to neither do we :)
Surfing in SUCH a beautiful location...right under Morro Rock

as is customary on a california coastline....mist and clouds in the morning....sun in the was no different. We had SUCH nice weather. A perfect 75 degrees with a refreshing breeze coming off the water.
a great finish to a great day

These are good days....



Beth said...

So pleased to see your good weather, good health and lots of joy! Love the Elizabeth eating sand picture. Sure makes for interesting diaper clean ups eh?! James loved sand & dirt too. We figured there must of been some trace minerals he was needing. :)

Sarah said...

A wet suit that fits Heidi! Yay!

Liesel Rios said...

I love the picture of Heidi laying down on the surfboard. It's one of those photos that Elizabeth will look at one day and say, "Wow! Mommy is so pretty and soooo cool!" Plus, I think the one of Heidi standing next to the upright surfboard is hilarious. It really looks like the same proportions as Joe! :) Miss you guys!

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