Friday, November 19, 2010


I know some of you don't like the snow...but I do...cause it means this:

Ice climbin' with Dan!

Snowshoeing with YOU...reader of this blog!

alpine touring with Steve

resort skiing with the good people of Granville Chapel

Mountain climbing with Dave and Steve

and family snowshoeing adventures!

These are good good days to come folks!


Beth said...

Looking good Joe and Heidi. I plan to do snowshoeing for the first time this winter, and I'm sure we'll ski with you at Grouse (you got the Y2Play pass this year?).
Wish you wouldn't do the ice climbing, but I can channel that into praying right!! said...

Beth! Let's go snowshoeing together with me heidi elizabeth you and steve! That would be so fun!!!

As for the y2Play passes....we did not get them :( that was a mistake. We will get them at the end of the season though, i think. I guess its just occasional passes for us when a group of people are going up. Call us when you guys go up and we'll join you!

and as for the ice....Im praing for my prayer pretty much cancels out your prayer. haha.

Beth said...

Yes, I suppose it does, but maybe my prayers are 'stronger'. :)
You can pick up the Y2Play in Feb. - we did it that way one year and it felt like BIG value!
On the snow topic - we have a brand new size 5 pair of snowboots (boy colouring)that a friend had no need of and wanted me to pass along to someone. Would you want them for Elizabeth?

Anonymous said...

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