Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quote on God - Fully God and Fully Man

In Gregg Allison’s Historical Theology we read,

Early Christian writers continually affirmed that Jesus Christ was both fully God and fully man, and that the incarnation did not diminish the deity of the Son of God nor make him a superman. Melito of Sardis described the mystery this way.

‘... He was carried about in the womb of Mary, yet was clothed in the nature of the Father. He walked on earth, yet filled heaven. He appeared as an infant, yet did not discard his eternal nature. He was invested with a body, but it did not limit his divinity. He esteemed the poor, yet he was not divested of his riches...He was nailed to a tree, yet he was the Lord of all things.’

Yet, it seems like the language is still inadequate to describe how Jesus is fully God and fully man.  And really, for a guy whose had 8 years of theological me, it's still a mystery.  

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