Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skiing Whistler

Today was probably the best day we have EVER had skiing on a mountain.  lots of skiing, our little girl in the good care of the grandparents....SUN....POWDER....and exploring new terrain.  SOOoooooooo gooood.

Here are some pics to tell the story:

it was Heidi's epic return after a 2 year skiing hiatus due to being pregnant and having Elizabeth.  It was amazing though....she started right back on whistlers intermediate runs....and looked like she never missed a beat! 

It was not that was like we had the whole mountain to ourselves

happy girl

Alpine terrain, lots of room to explore.  Good times...

Summit shot!  It was -18c our faces were a tad numb

carve girl...carve!

these are good good days....

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