Friday, January 28, 2011

And speaking of your community's DNA.... (Part II)

And if you are wondering what kind of DNA your community has (read post from earlier this morning)...and you are realizing that the DNA of your group is the Do Nothing At all type, then keep reading.

This type of community DNA manifests in spiritual amnesia.  This often results in the group losing its ability to rememeber what its vision is (or better said, what God's vision for it is).

If your community has spiritual amnesia and has lost its sense of purpose and vision....can I suggest three practical things you as a leader can do:

1.  Speak the truth --Your community needs a leader who articulates the reality.
2.  Share the truth -- Remind them often of what God's vision for them is.
3.  Show the truth -- Invite others to serve with you in everything you do as a leader.  Be the example your community needs.

Spiritual amnesia is temporary only when treated.   

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