Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just do it

I don't care what people say....

I love slogans.  They are short and concise and tell you what an advertiser wants you to hear and remember.  I don't so much care for the jingles (of which I used to be a studio musician for)....but slogans....I'll take em'

Maybe it's because I love words and combinations of words that are memorable.  Who cares why I like em'...but I have one that I'd like you to hear and remember -- I think we made it up (but probably not, because is anything really new under the sun?  But you know what they say about copyright material....if you're gonna copy it....copy it right)

So here ya go...be Joe and Heidi White slogan-ified:

"What God wants to do in you he also wants to do through you"

We've got lots more....but that'll do for today.

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