Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things turn so quickly

Babies aren't much different from adults.  Well, they are....but not really, you know?

For is simple:  eat when hungry, sleep when tired, laugh when provoked, snuggle when needed...etc.

And really...that's pretty much like all of us, right blog readers?

But there is one thing (yes, more than one thing)...but for the sake of emphasis, one thing, that really is the same.

One minute a baby can be like this:

and then, in what is like .003 milliseconds....THIS

We adults can be like this too, right?

One second everything is OK with that spouse....then BLOW UP second everything is fine and dandy with that child....then you lash out in frustration.

And what do we do when that child turns on us?  Well..what would you want someone to do to you when you turn nasty?

The answer to that....should be a good start

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