Friday, February 4, 2011

Stuff Joe likes...that you probably didn't know

Hey blog readers, it's Heidi here. Joe and I were talking the other day (yes, we do that sometimes) and we were asking, "What are the things I know my spouse likes that others probably don't know about him/her."

So are the things Joe likes that I suspect many people don't know. Next Monday, he will answer the question for me.

Stuff Joe likes that others probably don't know:

- Joe likes cars (he likes working on them, learning about them, and looking at them...especially when he's driving)

- Joe likes reading adventure and theology books. I've tried to get him to read other things....but he pretty much sticks to these two genres. There's the occasional exception when I can hook him with a young adult novel or kid's book. :)

- Joe likes learning about the most random things. I call him an "info junkie." Like this morning when I found him on YouTube learning how to use magnets to speed up the revolutions of a motorized toothbrush -- not that he'd do it (we don't even own that kind of toothbrush!) -- but he's just really curious about, well, magnets and toothbrushes and other random pieces of information.

- Joe likes waking up to a good cup of java. Nothing makes him happier in the morning than coming out to the living room with Peet's Decaf House Blend (yes, he still only drinks decaf)

- Joe likes following mixed martial arts and boxing. He's interested in the techniques the athletes bring to the competition. I've never been a fan of sports that involve boxing, jujitsu, wresting, etc. but I have to admit there have been certain match-ups that have caught me sitting on the edge of my seat to see how it would end.

-Joe likes certain sports teams. Basketball - the Bulls. Baseball - the Dodgers. Football - 49ers. Hockey - the Canucks. He's not the pay-attention-to-every-last-stat and watch-games-on-the-weekend kind of guy, but he does keep up with his teams to a certain degree -- especially when it comes to the Dodgers. He left the dark side (i.e. the Giants) when we started dating (I come from a family of hard-core Dodger fans).

-Joe likes hats...and loves wearing the ones he's had for 15 years and never washed. I thought I was doing him a favor once by washing one of those hats...he nearly had a mental breakdown when he found out. I sure learned my lesson!

OK, well that's a good start. Up next week, Joe will do the same for me!

But one question before I go, blog readers: what are the things that you like that your friends would be surprised to know?


Steven Gomez said...

So Heidi *does* write on this blog. :)

Something I like to do that really no one knows about: Sometimes...when no one's around and I'm alone in the house...I turn on the John Williams Superman theme around pretending I'm the Man of Steel. I fly really fast, save Lois Lane, and the bullets bounce off me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to crawl into my Fortress of Solitude and die of embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

haha. love that story steve. No shame in that brotha...nice!


Liesel Rios said...

I have a hat at my house that you could wear. I think it would fit over your hair. It didn't fit Moses....

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