Thursday, March 10, 2011

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

is a lie.  It's a lie, because every experience shapes us, for better or worse.  But, we didn't go to the city of Lost Wages, ahem, I mean, Las Vegas, to drink/gamble/and find party friends...No, we went to live simply --and do what we have done together for many many years:  camp and climb.

There are lots of ways to tell a story...but how about his way:  through my iphone.  I did take a normal camera which seemed to capture what you would expect out of a climbing adventure...but thought you might find these iphone perspectives, kinda fun as well.  Enjoy!

You see, here's the thing.  We love each other...and we love climbing rocks.  We are married lovers and married rope partners..for us, this is a natural fit.  

Every year we get on a plane from Vancouver, BC...and head to Red Rocks, Nevada for a climbing trip in the warm and dry desert.  On the way, we were treated to a view of Mount Rainer in Washington. 

It isn't long before we become captivated by the place once again.  We have done MANY things here...and we NEVER get tired of it.  We often look for obscure, less traveled places and climbing routes.

Early morning sunrise on our campsite...

afternoon dreams of what lay beyond the next sandstone canyon...

Climbing, for us, does not get better.  It's not about levels of's about connecting to a place and to each other.

but life isn't always easy in the desert.  The local news reported that where we were staying, 100km winds (60mph) were clocked running through our campsite.  It made for a fitful (read: dreadful) night of sleep.

we rewarded ourselves with pancakes the next morning!  

This was the first year that Elizabeth was with us in Red Rocks.  She was a champ!  She was up for the adventure the entire time...and didn't seem to mind hanging out exploring this wild place!

She ate, walked around, explored, and watched her parents climb.  Maybe next year...she will join us in the vertical world.

Most years...our brother J joins us.  This year he was especially studly...paying for things, babysitting, driving us around, cooking dinner, and climbing like a champ!

The last day...we grabbed a summit together after battling chimneys (cracks you can fit your body into).  What a great end to a great trip!  

The Truth?...What happens in Vegas comes home with us in memories that will shape us for a lifetime

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Love Abounds At Home said...

I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Thanks for posting the pics :)

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