Thursday, April 28, 2011

Canucks Hockey and Easter....a parallel

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It's a hockey town....faithful to its home team:  The Vancouver Canucks.  A couple nights ago, in a nail biting game...we won.  

The city erupted....ERUPTED....honking horns, shouts, fans hugging each other in the middle of streets.  It was a pure display of passion and excitement.  Really good stuff  

Here's the deal:  The Canucks need to play their next game like the victorious team that won that epic game... if they want to win the Stanley Cup.  

A parallel...

On Sunday, many of you, blog readers, went to an Easter service at your church.  It's the church's most important day of the year because Jesus invites us to follow him into his resurrection doubt there was singing, hugs, joy, and smiles.  A pure display of passion and excitement.

Here's the deal:  Followers of Jesus have to live throughout the year like the victorious family that has been saved by Jesus on Easter Sunday...if they want to make any kind of difference in the world.   

Two events....two celebrations.

Question:  Does Easter Sunday make a difference for your Easter Monday?

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