Sunday, June 5, 2011

Camping &'s a good combo

Weather's nice folks...go get em!  Camp somewhere....and LIVE it up!  

Went camping with the fam and a was lovely

you've GOTTA eat well when you camp...simple, but well.  Everything tastes better when you're sitting underneath a Cedar tree.  

Had a chance to get up on Brandywine Mountain for some spring mountaineering.  Sporty in places (mostly due to objective hazards) but overall pretty great.  

loads of snow still up on them peaks...

mostly whited no views today

...except for a short moment when we got back into the alpine meadows covered in snow.

resting after around 5000 feet of snow elevation (i.e. slow elevation) gain...we made good time and had fun doing it.  

Going to do a few more early season peaks before we're fully in rock climbing mode.  We have Edge Peak, and Blanchard Peak - seen here (photo credit):

and Mount Garibaldi,  seen here (photo credit):

After that...we'll be in full rock climbing/ alpine climbing mode....yay for summer!  

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