Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cycling up Cypress Mountain

Before the family woke up this morning...I was cycling up Cypress Mountain from Kits beach.  Now, most summers, I am typically in much better cycling shape.  Not this year.  We have been really focused on camping and climbing and just aren't getting out on the bikes as much.  But anyway....

For "off the couch"fitness, not to bad:
30 miles (3700 foot elevation gain) in 3 hours.

Was able to use a GREAT app called Cyclemter.  Get it if you have an iphone...Loved it.  It charts everything....and it's really easy to use.

Here's some route details (from memory) for all you who are interested and googling info and found this blog:

  • Burrard bridge heading north-fairly easy and short
  • Though downtown Vancouver - flat 
  • Approaching Lions gate bridge - slog 
  • Over Lions Gate Bridge - I was feeling a tad tired 
  • Marine drive heading west - easy and fast 
  • Heading north on 21st avenue - Major suck.  Major grade.  Major elevation.  hard
  • Approaching Cypress Bowl road - slight incline but in the saddle 
  • Heading up Cypress Mountain - 13km of 6-8% grade.  Sustained incline but can I could stay in the saddle without a triple crank set.
  • Heading down Cypress Mountain - Fast @ 50kmh without peddling.  
  • Heading down 22nd avenue - it slow as there is some neighborhood traffic
  • Marine drive heading east - easy and slightly downhill 
  • Approaching Lions Gate bridge - shorter than the opposite direction, but for some reason, it always burns me.  So I'll put it in the slog category.  
  • Over Lions Gate bridge - fast all the way into downtown 
  • Through downtown - flat, but watch for traffic 
  • Burrard bridge heading south - a short little hill
all in all....a really good early morning!  

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