Thursday, August 18, 2011

Off to California...

We just bought a house!  No plans for moving as God is still calling us to serve our church family in Vancouver...but to have another connection to the city/family/and many friends we left over 6 years really special for us.

The house is old, about 90 years old, and looks it....but nothing that a California facelift in the form of sweat equity can't fix.  Right now it looks like this.....(below)....but soon it'll have a new kitchen, central cooling, refinished hardwood floors, a new paint job, and lots more.  Looking forward to seeing this house refurbished into the craftsmen home it was built to be.    

We have 18 days to work 18 hours a day.

Heidi exclaimed recently, "and we're calling this a vacation?"  I replied, "Here's my thinking....1700 years of the Christian monastic movement taught us that work and prayer were good for the we're just going to roll with that, and pray God somehow uses these next 18 days to restore us as we get ready for a new year of ministry in Canada."  Heidi laughed and said, "go get em' brother Joe".

We will update you on the process.....and also do a post about our trip to China.

Lots coming, friends.

Luvvv ya.

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