Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small adventures make a big difference

It doesn't take much to have a small adventure

Take for instance, Elizabeth.
She tries on a helmet because she sees us wearing one

Then she insists that she wants to climb and says in blurred english......"pleeeeeease", as she points up the rock

We explain that she's not quite old enough to fit into a harness
but a climb closer to the ground could do.  So her and her buddy grab some water from the camelback
and give er' a go

loads of toddler laughter and 2 determined little kids begin to climb.  They didn't want it to end

Then, with a little time left, our friends said, "how about you guys go climb something a little bigger?  We'll take the kids".  BIG GIFT.  Thanks! 

We've climbed much harder things....traveled thousands of feet higher in the vertical terrain.....But sometimes, small adventures make a big difference.

Elizabeth had hers and so did we.

What's your small adventure?

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