Monday, October 10, 2011

Cypress Peak in October - Trip Report

I won't had been a while.  To long.  In the early summer before being gone for a month and a half from vancouver, in China and California, we camped and climbed something like 25 days.  But for the last month....we've done:  NOTHING athletic.  Ok, well, not nothing (climbed a couple days in Squamish and ran a bit)...but I'm fat, so pretty much nothing.  So, it was time.  

My friend Dave, had the good idea of heading up Cypress Peak, near Squamish.  Good choice Dave.  It's highly aesthetic and has a few feature I always find very rewarding:  minimal time hiking on a logging road (actually, as of October 2011, we were able to drive the entire length of the logging road), minimal time on a trail (20 minutes?), easy route-finding even in bad weather (which we had for much of our trip -- white-out conditions), and not a crazy long day (7 hours round trip).

Hope you enjoy the pics!   

a few hours of steep boulders and talus from the logging road (you can see the logging road -- horizontal line, running through trees near clouds on the center/right side of photograph)

Once up high...spectacular

not the summit....just the first crux.  Summit's another 30 minutes beyond.  

steep rock in challenging snow conditions, made this section difficult. 

Then, straightforward steep ridge climbing (rock and snow) with exposure.

nearing the summit.

summit shot!  

after lots of glissading we ended up in a beautiful moraine

Great day in the mountains!  Satisfied...

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