Saturday, November 26, 2011

3 weeks in China with a sweaty baby

There are very few ways to tell a 3 week story in a blog post and still make it short enough so that I'll still be interested in writing it and you'll still be interested in reading it.  The best way may be to share a few pictures and a few thoughts along the way.

We went to China as a family, leading a team of people who wanted to better understand Chinese culture and volunteer in an orphanage for medically at-risk babies.  On the weekends we spent our time in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing.      

We carted this girl around the whole country.  It was uncomfortably HOT but this girl was a trooper.  And in the entire trip, she only had 2 short melt-downs.  We were amazed.  

Often she became the center of attention for our team but also for strangers.  People would gather around her and want to take her picture. 

We didn't do any climbing this trip, but thought about climbing on this fence.  

One of the things we love about china is learning about it's history and seeing it's architecture.  Spectacular! ...and of course, great food!

The orphanage we worked at was a very special experience

we've been to China before, and had spent time on the great wall...but dude, you're in China, you have to go to the great wall!  

This is the vantage point Elizabeth had for most of the trip.  Pregnant mom or sweaty dad carrying 25 pound toddler.

we visited a three self church to better understand the role of Christianity in China.

love this girl, love the team we were leading, and love China!

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